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Nahjee Grant is an award-winning philanthropist, motivational speaker, published author, TV host, and celebrated storyteller who has shared his amazing life story to full-capacity rooms filled with people of all ages. But Nahjee’s story wasn’t always so glamorous. Once a high school failure, Nahjee was so unmotivated during his early high school days that he flunked out of 9th grade.

Fortunately, Nahjee was given a second chance to prove himself and soon began to see that he had a purpose in life. As a young man, he learned to combine his incredible talent as a storyteller with his passion for helping others. The result: a powerful, relatable story that resonated with people of all ages, races and religions. Nahjee began sharing his personal journey of failure-turned-into-hope through his books and with local audiences, and quickly became a highly sought-out speaker.

Hailed as "The Cool Smart Kid" by his admirers, Mr. Grant shares his powerful story from being a failing student to children’s author, motivational speaker, and award winning philanthropist. Today, he travels to deliver his message of perseverance, hope, faith, and dreaming big.

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