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Nahjee Grant’s unique message of almost flunking out of 9th grade makes him one of the most relatable speakers for students today who feel like “underdogs” in the educational system. His vision is one of helping students solve challenges standing between them and academic achievement – many of them being the same problems he faced growing up.

Many children of all ages are feeling lost, ill-equipped and filled with self-doubt when it comes to learning and school. As these kids grow older, they even begin to question the value of school in their future and start to feel the effects of peer pressure and “being cool”.

Nahjee has been there. He was in his freshman year of high school when his mother asked him the most significant question of his life: “do you want to be a cool dumb kid or a cool smart kid?” What he decided was to be a cool smart kid. By using the tools he utilizes in his teachings today, he was able to turn his grades around and prove himself worthy of going to 10th grade.

Nahjee focuses on the central role that education plays in the future success of every student and helps them see that their dreams and goals are possible only when they truly value their education and pursue academic success. His programs help students with everything from focusing on their education through day-to-day struggles -- all the way to creating a five-year plan for their growth and seeing why education is so important in achieving their dreams

Nahjee’s message has the perfect blend of relatability, inspiration, motivation, student engagement and practical learning strategies to enrich, inspire and develop any group of students.

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