• How to Capture Your Vision-Course

    By Nahjee Grant

    In this 15-minute online class, you'll learn how to capture your vision and fill out a goal-setting workbook with Nahjee Grant. Nahjee draws from his life experience as a once failing student with no clear vision of his future to successful children's author and public speaker helping both children and adults alike reach their full potential.

  • During this course you will learn...


    How to create an exciting vision for your life


    How to set goals and write out a 5-year plan


    How to keep going after your dreams

  • Who is this course for?

    • STUDENTS who want to take control of their future.
    • PARENTS who want to see their kid build the skills and confidence to succeed.
    • SCHOOLS & ORGANIZATIONS looking for a relatable goal-setting¬†curriculum.

    What is included?


    • A goal-setting workbook
    • Unlimited access to course video