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    Nahjee's mission is to prepare youth for educational success, personal success, and the success of the their communities.

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  • Who is Nahjee Grant?

    Nahjee Grant is an award-winning philanthropist, motivational speaker, published author, TV host, and celebrated storyteller who has shared his amazing life story to full-capacity rooms filled with people of all ages. But Nahjee’s story wasn’t always so glamorous. Once a high school failure, Nahjee was so unmotivated during his early high school days that he flunked out of 9th grade.


    Fortunately, Nahjee was given a second chance to prove himself and soon began to see that he had a purpose in life. As a young man, he learned to combine his incredible talent as a storyteller with his passion for helping others. The result: a powerful, relatable story that resonated with people of all ages, races and religions. Nahjee began sharing his personal journey of failure-turned-into-hope through his books and with local audiences, and quickly became a highly sought-out speaker.


    Hailed as "The Cool Smart Kid" by his admirers, Mr. Grant shares his powerful story from being a failing student to children’s author, motivational speaker, and award winning philanthropist. Today, he travels to deliver his message of perseverance, hope, faith, and dreaming big.

  • Youth Empowerment Speaker

    Elementary, Middle & High School




    Growing up with a difficult family situation, Nahjee knows first-hand the challenges and barriers students face.


    Nahjee shares his own experiences of adversity and the barriers they imposed on his education. After almost failing out his freshman year, Nahjee learned how to embrace his life circumstances and use them to empower his success. By Focusing on your education, you can achieve anything you want to in life.



    Program includes:


    • Discussing how education forms the basis of success
    • Specific strategies and goals for focusing on your education
    • Belief that you can achieve your goals, no matter your circumstances
    • The importance of having a vision to discover your purpose and passions




    Going to one of the best school districts in the country yet still struggling, Nahjee knows what its like to fall through the cracks.


    At Lower Merion School District, Nahjee excelled in elementary and the beginning of middle school. But by his freshman year, his grades began to suffer and almost failed out of school. It wasn't until his mom asked him a life changing question that he realized the importance of education. "Do you want to be a cool dumb kid, or a cool smart kid" Wanting to be a cool smart kid, Nahjee focused on his education.


    Program includes


    • Why education is the most important factor in your life
    • Setting realistic goals to achieve success in education
    • How to ask for help from teachers
    • Believe that you can be anything you want to be in life
    • The easy way to instantly do better in school
    “Nahjee is an inspiring speaker, author, and local community member. The students enjoyed learning about his books and what motivated him to become an author. He is a much needed voice and leader in today's world. I recommend him coming to speak at your school, library, or event. ”
    Jessica Magin from Friends School Haverford

    Educators & Parents


    Once a young student himself, Nahjee Grant was faced with many academic challenges. When all else failed, writing became his outlook. He is an entrepreneur, author of 9 books, community activist, a television host, and philanthropist. He shares his own failures to allocate for his successes today. By the time Nahjee's presentation is over, you will be able to:

    • Explore the benefits of having students journal daily (even for the little ones).
    • Bring awareness to the power of literature and how it can be used to facilitate conversations between the teacher and student.
    • Understand the power of perseverance, resilience and self-discipline as a learner and a teacher.
    “Very engaging, professional, and is passionate about bringing children's literature to all children.”
    Alicemarie Collins from Gladwyne Free Library
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